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February 4, 2015

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The Northwest Musical Misfits Chapter of the Frustrated Maestros are members of FMCA who desire to enjoy good musical fellowship. Ours is one of nine Frustrated Maestros chapters nationwide. There are no requirements for membership other than being a member of FMCA and the payment of $10 annual dues. Although our regional boundaries are the great Northwest, including the Canadian Provinces, our membership includes members from coast to coast. We usually have one Chapter Rally each year and attend one or more regional and/or national rallies. Participation by members at chapter, regional or national rallies is strictly up to each individual. Our main goal is that we enjoy the musical fellowship which occurs when two or more of our members get together. Click here for Application Form.



President/Nat'l Dir. Hal Shorr 503-539-6304
Vice President/Alt. Nat'l Dir. Russell Warren    
Secretary/Treasurer Bobbie Ferrero    
Newsletter Editor Bobbie Ferrero